Variegated Houseplants

Top 5 Affordable Variegated Houseplants – Detail Review

Welcome to our great collection of low-cost houseplants in different colors. Over the past year or two, plants with different colours, like Monstera adansonii and Monstera albos, have sold online for crazy amounts of money.

This is because the demand for houseplants in general has grown faster than the supply, which has caused prices to skyrocket.

Here are 5 pretty plants with different colours that you can buy for less than 50 euros, and most of them cost less than 20 euros.

For more information on the more expensive variegated monsteras, see our articles on Monstera adansonii variegated, Monstera albo, and Monstera thai constellation.

1. ‘Tineke’ Rubber Plant (aka Ficus Elastica ‘Tineke’)

Price: less than 20 euros

Tineke rubber plants are easy to take care of. To keep their colour, they need bright but indirect sunlight. Water it often, but let the top layer dry out first. Learn more about how to take care of this plant by reading Rubber Plant Care.

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Variegated Houseplants

What we like about the plant: The variegated Tineke Rubber Plant is at the top of our list for a reason. It is easy to take care of and looks beautiful with its white and green edges that look like pixels. Also, it is easy to take care of and spread. You can buy a lot of them online, especially on Etsy.

2. Marble Queen Pothos

Price: less than 20 euros.

Like other plants, they don’t need much care. Just don’t overwater them and give them a lot of indirect sunlight. See How to Grow Pothos and How to Care for Pothos for more information.

Variegated Houseplants

What we like about the plant: To be honest, we could add a few different kinds of pothos to this post, but I think the marble queen is the best of all of them!

It is a real show-stopper, with mottled green and white patterns that stand out more than much more expensive plants.

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3. Syngonium Albo Variegata

Price: less than 50 euros

These Albo Variegatas like bright, direct sunlight. To keep variegated syngoniums happy, water the top layer when it dries out and sprinkle them every so often.

But don’t let the leaves get too much direct sunlight. Find out more about syngoniums in the Arrowhead Plant Care and Syngonium guide.

Variegated Houseplants

What we like about the plant is that it has white spots that change color. Like the more expensive Monstera albo, these spots can take up a lot of space on the Syngonium albo variegata.

4. Philodendron Birkin

Price: less than 25 euros

The birch needs strong indirect sunlight and a lot of water to keep its different colors. See our article on how to care for philodendrons for more information.

Variegated Houseplants

What we like about it is that its dark green leaves have stripes of different colors. It’s also a cheap way to get a very pretty variegated philodendron.

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5. Calathea Triostar

Price: less than 15 euros

Care: This is best for darker areas of your home that don’t get as much light. It likes more humidity in the air, so spray it often.

Variegated Houseplants

What we like about the plant: We could write a whole essay about calatheas, and most of them could do it, but I’m going to talk about one of my favourites: the calathea triostar, which stands out because it has very white stripes of colour along with pink and green. This is my very favourite plant.

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