How To Propagate Succulent

How To Propagate Succulent – 5 Growing Guides With Pictures

Welcome to our step-by-step guide with pictures on how to grow succulents. Succulents are easy to grow from “beheadings” or leaf cuttings; just put them in potting soil and keep them moist for a few months.

Succulent Propagation

Welcome to our succulent propagation guide. Luckily, making more of these beautiful and popular plants is easy and fun. We talk about leaf prop and water prop, as well as a number of other common problems…

Step By Step Succulent Leaf Propagation (with Pictures)

Here is a step-by-step guide to multiplying succulent leaves, which includes taking the roots out of the soil, putting the roots back in the soil, and keeping the roots moist. In the example, I show how I do it by propagating a burro’s tail and a pair of echeverias.

Step 1

Collect leaf cuttings.The easiest ones are often at the base of the plant. If you don’t take the whole leaf in one clean cut, the plant won’t grow back. To get it off, gently turn it.

How To Propagate Succulent

Then put them on a plate or a dry surface where they won’t get wet for a month or more so they can grow roots. It will also work if you put the seeds right on the ground, but there may be more rot.

The energy in the leaf cutting will cause them to harden, and then they will start to grow roots, stems, and leaves.

Step 2

You can transplant them to soil once they have developed roots.Before moving on, it’s important to make sure the roots are big enough, since they are so fragile that they might break.

They might also start growing stems and leaves, which is great. Use these cuts with extreme care!

Step 3

Put the pieces of plant into the soil. Fill a plant pot with soil, water it, and let the extra water drain for a few minutes.

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How To Propagate Succulent

It is important to water the soil ahead of time because watering it later could hurt the roots if they are thin.

I then make holes in the soil with a pen or chopstick large enough to plant the leaf cuttings root-side down.

The leaf cuttings can then be carefully put in each hole, being careful not to hurt the roots, especially when it comes to the burros’ tails, which have such small roots.

Step 4

You should keep the soil moist but not soggy. I use a mister for this. If you pour water on the soil, it could damage the roots or pull the cuttings out of the ground.

It’s okay for the soil to dry out, but don’t let it stay dry for too long. Also, keep the pot in a damp, well-lit area of the house. Let in a lot of light, but keep it out of the sun.


Most sedums and echeverias will be able to handle this. The trick is to get clean cuttings by gently twisting the leaves (to make a nice surface for roots to grow on) and letting them root on a dry surface to keep them from rotting before potting them up in soil and misting them because the roots are sensitive.

How To Propagate Succulent

I took the cuttings at the beginning of September and planted them in the middle of October.

Don’t worry if some cuttings die; it’s normal for some to rot or die because they don’t have roots.

Use a mister or spray to water them sparingly for another two months, or until they are well-established and sending out a lot of new growth and stems from the top of the plant. You can now take them apart and put them back in their own pots.

Succulent Propagation In Water

If you’ve never done it before, the fact that succulents can grow in water without dying may seem strange. But this method works very well for them, and it’s easy to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Step 1: make a cutting.
  • Step 2: remove leaves from the bottom part of the stem (these can cause the water to go cloudy and make the stem rot)
  • Step 3: leave the cutting to callous over for a week.
  • Step 4: fill a jar with water and cover it in plastic wrap. Make a small hole in the center.
  • Step 5: put the cutting in the hole so that it is supported and the bottom is in the water. This way it will grow roots below the water and new leaves above the water.
  • Step 6: put it in bright indirect sunlight.
  • Step 7: wait for the roots to grow.
  • Step 8: pot it up in cactus and succulent mix.
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Using Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss is great for plants that have roots. Just take cuttings of the plant and put them on a bed of moss (like you would use soil in the soil method). If you keep the soil wet and damp, roots will grow quickly.

With compost, the roots get more oxygen, and there is less rot. This is a great way to do it. There is also the String of Hearts Butterfly Method.


Why Do Succulent Cuttings Need to Callous Over?

Let the leaves or cuttings sit for a few days after you cut them before putting them in the propagation medium.

This will reduce the chance that they will rot. If you leave a wound open, it will start to rot more quickly, so you should let it harden.

What Succulents Can You Propagate From Leaves?

This method is effective with Echeverias and Sedums such as Burro’s Tail and Jelly Bean Plant.

What Succulents Can Be Propagated In Water?

Stem and sometimes leaf cuttings can be used to grow new succulents in water. even exotic plants like Aloe Vera, Echevarias, Jade Plants, Sedums, and others!

How To Propagate Succulent

Succulent Propagation From Stem Cuttings (beheading!)

If your plant gets too tall or leggy, cut off the top and use it as a new plant. The old plant will keep growing new leaves. After a week, take the leaves off the bottom half of the stem and put it in water.

This is what is called “callousing.” Read about the water approach above. This will work well for something like a burro’s tail. If one of the branches looks tired and has lost some leaves, you can cut it off and start over.

Succulent Propagation With Root Division

You can split succulents at their roots. If you have a lot of plants in the same pot, you could use plants like Echeverias. The best time to do this is when you’re repotting the plants; just take out the soil and carefully pull the plants apart.

Be careful not to hurt the roots. If they are really linked, you may need to use a knife, but try to keep as much of the roots as you can. Then, each succulent should be planted on its own.

How Long Does It Take To Propagate Succulents?

The whole process, including callousing and root growth, should take about two or three months, but you should start to see new root growth in a few weeks.

How Often To Mist Succulent Propagations

Spray the leaf cuttings once a day to keep the soil moist. But just lightly spray it; you don’t want to soak the soil and plants so much that they start to rot.

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I like to keep the humidity high by putting the whole plant in a larger plastic storage box that you can see through. You could also put it all in a plastic bag.

If you use these methods to control humidity, make sure to change the air every few days because mold and fungus can grow in places that don’t get enough fresh air.

How To Speed Up Succulent Propagation

You can accelerate propagation by providing as much indirect sunlight as possible. Putting a bag over them to keep the humidity up can also help, but make sure to change the air every day or two to keep the plants from getting moldy.

How To Propagate Succulent

Also, once a new plant and roots have been grown, you can remove the original leaf that may be sucking vitality from the plant. Do not do this too soon; you need to have a root system and plant already growing.

Also, be very careful not to damage the root system; carefully peel off the old leaf while holding the new plant and roots together. Be extremely cautious! Alternatively, the roots may be harmed.

Can You Put Succulent Cuttings Straight Into Soil?

Cuttings of succulents can be planted right into the soil, but they will do better if they callous over for a week first.

This will keep the wound from getting rotten. They don’t need to grow in water first. I would keep them as moist as possible by, for example, putting the whole pot in a plastic bag.

Where To Cut Succulent Stem?

Cut the plant below a node or where it grows new branches. because that’s where the roots will start to grow. Don’t worry if you can’t see any nodes. Just pick as much stem as you can. Use a knife that is sharp.

Which Succulents Can Be Propagated From Leaf?

Sedums, Echeverias, and Kalanchoes are easy to grow from cuttings of their leaves (mothers of thousands).

Will Succulents Root In Water?

Most plants can grow roots in water, and some can even live there.

Succulent Water Propagation Vs Soil

Water is a good prop because it makes decay less likely. But, in general, I like soil for succulents.

I make sure to let the cuttings harden completely before covering them with a plastic bag to increase their chances of success.

Which Succulents Are Easy To Propagate?

Easy-to-grow plants include the African milk tree, aloe vera, Christmas cactus, jade plant, sedums (jelly beans, burros tail, etc.), string of pearls, and many more.

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