How To Propagate A Hoya – 6 Easy Steps

It’s been a long time since the last blog post! After a few months away, I’m back. Many of my blog readers know that Hoyas are some of my favourite plants.

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about how to grow Hoyas for a while, but life has been so busy! With the start of spring, I’ve been feeling more motivated and inspired to write more blog posts.

So, without further ado, here are my own step-by-step instructions for growing Hoyas from seeds or cuttings.

There are other ways to root a Hoya, but this is my tried-and-true method that has never let me down, no matter what kind of Hoya it is (and some Hoyas are definitely more finicky than others when it comes to propagation).

In the lesson, I’ll talk about why I like this strategy and about some other ways that work and some that don’t.

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I’m using a piece of a dried Hoya krohniana “Eskimo” plant that I cut off.


Right now, hoyas are very popular, and for good reason. The good news is that cuttings make them easy to grow again. Hello, and welcome to our guide on how to grow hoya.

Hoya Propagation In Leca

Leca, which is a type of clay pebble used in hydroponics, is a great medium for growing new hoya plants because it keeps the roots of the cuttings moist while still letting them get enough air. Follow the steps below:

How To Propagate A Hoya

Step 1: Put half of the leca in a glass jar, but only about a third of the water. Use tap water that has been cleaned.

Step 2: Cut the paper. Between two nodes, cut the plant in half. The point on the stem where the leaves grow is called the node. The cutting needs at least two of these nodes, one for roots and one for leaves.

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Step 3: Take off the leaves at the bottom node.

Step 4: Put the cutting into the leca so that the bottom node is completely submerged. Under the leca, there must be at least one node from which roots will grow.

Step 5: The leca will soak up water and keep the cut wet. Keep the water level just a little bit below the lowest point. It will be taken in by the leech.

Step 6: Put the cutting on a warm, sunny window sill and wait 5-8 weeks for the hoya to grow roots. Then, pot it up in hoya potting media that drains well.

Hoya Propagation In Water

The easiest and least expensive way to spread a hoya plant is to use water. In about 4 weeks, a hoya can grow roots in water.
Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get a bottle or cup of clean tap water. Use a clear container so you can watch the roots grow.

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Step 2: Cut a piece that has two nodes on it.

Step 3: Take the leaves off the lowest node, leaving only the leaves on the top node.

Step 4: Put the cutting in water, being careful to only submerge the bare node.

Step 5: Put the jar in a warm, sunny spot to help the plants grow, and add water as needed.

Step 6: After 4 to 5 weeks, the cutting should be ready to plant.

Further Reading

Good luck with spreading your hoya. Please let us know how things are going. You might also be interested in our articles on rare plant shops, water propagation, and how to propagate philodendron.

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