How To Plant Pineapple

How To Plant Pineapple – 7 Quick Steps

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to grow pineapples. You can plant a pineapple indoors pretty quickly by taking a clipping of the crown of a pineapple fruit you bought, putting it in water to grow roots, and then putting it in soil to grow, bloom, and then bear fruit.

How To Plant Pineapple

Follow these steps to get a pineapple plant to grow indoors and bear fruit:

  • Get a ripe pineapple and a glass jar of water ready.
  • Take off the fruit’s crown. A new plant will grow from the crown, which is the part of the plant at the top that connects the stem of leaves to the main fruit of leaves to the main fruit. You can take it off the pineapple by holding the whole leafy part and gently pulling it away from the fruit.
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How To Plant Pineapple

  • It will need a small piece of the crown, which is the top of the fruit. Take off about 5 or 6 layers of the leaves around the crown, which is about a third of an inch or a centimeter. From here on out, the roots will grow, and you don’t want any leaves in the water because they will go bad.
  • Let the crown dry out and harden for three days to cut down on the chance of decay.
    Put the crown in a glass jar and fill it with water up to the bottom of the leaves without touching them, so that the bare crown is completely submerged and no leaves are in the water.
  • Set the cutting in a warm, bright place for 3 to 4 weeks, like a window sill that gets a lot of indirect sunlight. When it’s needed, add more water.
    Once it has roots, put it in a potting mix that drains well, like cactus or succulent compost.
  • It will grow well if you keep it moist and give it a lot of indirect sunlight.
  • They can bloom and produce fruit in a year or two, but they may need direct sunlight to do so.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Growing Pineapple Indoors

As long as you follow the steps, this is a really easy process. Here are some questions that are often asked.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Pineapple From The Crown?

The entire process, from taking the cutting to the pineapple being ready to eat, could take up to two years.

How To Plant Pineapple

How Many Pineapples Will One Plant Produce?

Theoretically, a pineapple plant can only make one pineapple, but when it gets to that point, it will “pup” around the edges, and other little plants will start to grow, which will also make pineapples.

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