How To Make Pothos Fuller

How To Make Pothos Fuller? 6 Easiest Tips For Planter

Pothos plants are some of the most common and popular houseplants. They have shiny leaves and grow in a trailing way.

They don’t need much care and can be grown in many different ways, such as in hanging baskets, tabletop planters, and vertical gardens.

People like these aroids because they look lush and can give any room a tropical feel. So, what should you do if your pothos plant isn’t looking its best?

Don’t worry; it can be fixed. Here’s what you need to know to get your pothos to grow more leaves.

How to Make a Pothos Fuller

Are you ready to make your pothos the plant you’ve always wanted? With these six tips, your pothos will grow lush and full. You can use just one of these ways, or you can use more than one.

Regular Pruning

Regularly cutting back your plant will make it look better and encourage new growth.

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The best time to prune is in the spring or summer, when the plants are growing quickly. In the fall and winter, when your plant is less likely to grow new leaves, you shouldn’t prune it.

How To Make Pothos Fuller

Always use sharp, clean shears or scissors to prune, and never cut off more than 13% of a plant at once.

Another reason to prune your pothos regularly is that you can use the stem cuttings to make more plants, which is another way to make your plant fuller.

Propagate Your Plant

It’s easy and quick to make more pothos plants, and you can put the new ones in the same pot as the mother plant to make your pothos bushier.

Propagation is accomplished through stem cuttings and should take place during the spring or summer months. Place the stem cuttings in water and place them in an area with bright, indirect light.

Small roots will begin to grow from the nodes along the cuttings within a few weeks. Plant the cuttings in the soil once the roots are 2 to 3 inches long; they will eventually mature into full pothos vines.

How To Make Pothos Fuller

Give It Enough Light

Giving your pothos enough light is one of the simplest ways to help it grow luscious and full. In order to conserve energy and survive, it will slow its growth and produce smaller leaves if there is insufficient light.

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Moving your plant to a brighter location will not necessarily correct any existing leggy growth, but it will stimulate vigorous new growth.

Every day, your pothos plant should be exposed to several hours of bright, indirect light. While these plants can grow in low-light conditions, bright light on a consistent basis will result in a fuller plant.

Don’t Forget to Water Your Plant

Water pothos once the top 1 to 2 inches of soil have dried out. They can withstand some drought, but if your plant is frequently submerged, the foliage will suffer. Water your plant on a regular basis, particularly during its active growing season in the spring and summer.

A self-watering pot or the addition of water globes to the soil can aid in the establishment of good watering maintenance.

Add a Moss Pole

Giving your pothos a moss pole to climb will encourage larger leaves, giving the plant a fuller appearance.

You can either make your own moss pole or buy one at a nursery or garden center. Insert the pole into the pot and tie the vines together with twist ties or zip ties.

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How To Make Pothos Fuller

Your plant will eventually begin to attach itself to the pole, but this usually takes a few months. To encourage your pothos to climb the moss, keep the moss pole evenly moist at all times.

Try Basketing

Basketing is a type of propagation that will aid in the growth of your pothos over time. Wrapping the existing vines around the inside of the pot allows the nodes along the stem to rest on top of the soil.

Over time, new roots will emerge from the nodes, and the stems will sprout several new growth points.

Basketry requires that the nodes remain in constant contact with the soil, so you may need to secure the stems against the soil with floral wire or a bent paperclip.

Do You Need to Make a Pothos Fuller?

Technically, if you are satisfied with the appearance of your pothos, there is no need to encourage it to grow larger.

How To Make Pothos Fuller

Some pothos will simply grow in single long vines, which is fine—it doesn’t mean the plant isn’t growing properly. Lush and bushy foliage indicates that your plant is happy and healthy, and it’s also visually appealing. It’s ultimately up to the grower.

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