How Often to Water Succulents?

How Often to Water Succulents? 7 Tips to Keep Them Alive

So, you ask, how often should I water my succulents? The best way to water a succulent is not to do it every day but to check on it often and only water it if it meets a few simple needs.

Key Points To Watering Succulents

  • Check your plants soil once a week with your finger and only water them if the soil is totally dry. This way you won’t over or underwater them.
  • Do not just water your succulents on a schedule. You should check them to see if they need watering on a schedule, but only water them if the soil is dry.
  • When you do need to water the plant: drench the soil so it is totally wet. Let the water drain through the plant to it’s external container and then empty the excess water out so that the plant does not sit in water at all and can drain well.
  • Use a well draining cactus and succulent mix.
  • Make sure the pot has very good drainage holes.
  • Try not to get the plant’s leaves or stems too wet when watering if you can help it.
  • Be careful when the temperature drops as the plant will need less water – just make sure you check the soil with your finger before watering.
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So, you ask, how often should I water my succulents? Don’t look anywhere else; our full guide is right here.

If you want to learn more about succulents, check out this guide, “Propagating Succulents in Water,” as well as our category for succulents, which has all of our care tips for succulents.

 How Often to Water Succulents?

How Often Do Succulents Need Watering?

Succulents don’t need to be watered often, like once a week or every few days. When the soil gets dry, they need to be watered. The best thing to do, then, is to check on the plant often.

Seasons and temperatures should be taken into account. In the summer, succulents need more water than in the winter. In fact, many succulents almost stop growing during the winter, so they need much less water.

So, when the weather cools down at the end of summer, you have to be very careful not to water them too much because you’re used to giving them a lot of water and you could give them too much.

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You should only water them if they are totally dry.

How Do I Know If My Succulent Needs Water?

Put your finger as deep as you can into the soil, and don’t water the plant unless the soil is completely dry.

As was already said, but it’s worth repeating because it’s one of the most common ways to kill succulents, you’ll need to water them less often in the winter when their growth slows and more often in the summer when they need more water.

What’s The Best Way To Water A Succulent?

The best way to water a succulent is to make sure the soil is completely wet and then let the plant drain.

Do not let the plant pot sit in water if it is inside another pot. Instead, drain the water from the outside pot.

 How Often to Water Succulents?

Do You Water Succulents From The Top Or Bottom?

Succulents should be watered from above, and the leaves should not get too much water.

Should You Mist Succulents?

You shouldn’t spray water on succulents because they don’t need it and it could cause the leaves to rot.

Succulent Drainage

Drainage is very important for succulents. Both the soil and the pot should drain well enough so that the plant doesn’t get too wet, which can cause root rot.

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 How Often to Water Succulents?


The soil should have enough drainage material, like cactus and succulent compost, so the plant can drain well. Mix together 50% regular potting soil, 30% sand, and 20% perlite to make your own soil for succulents.


A succulent should be put in a pot with holes in the bottom that let water drain out. Do not plant it in a pot that doesn’t have holes in the bottom. This greatly increases the chance of root rot and other problems caused by too much water.

How To Water Succulents Without Drainage Holes?

If you have a succulent in a pot that doesn’t have holes for drainage, you should drill holes in the bottom of the pot.

 How Often to Water Succulents?

Succulents don’t like to sit in wet soil, which can cause them to rot. If you can’t make holes in it, check the soil all the way down before you water it again to make sure it doesn’t have too much water.

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