Awesome Hanging Plants

16 Awesome Hanging Plants – Tips For Planter

Today, I’m finally putting together all of my blogs about how to take care of some of my favourite trailing plants. Finding the best indoor hanging plants for your home is a great way to clean the air in your home and make the rooms look nice.

1. Pothos Hanging Plants

Pothos are easy to take care of, and they are one of the most common hanging plants you can find in big box nurseries or nurseries. There are many different kinds of people. Here are some of the most common ones:

Awesome Hanging Plants

  • Golden pothos with green, yellow, and off-white splotches
  • The Marble Queen Pothos is a green and off-white plant.
  • Pothos emerald/jade, a solid green plant,
  • Neon pothos is a plant that is all neon green.

Around my house, I have a lot of pothos plants. They also look great hanging down from high shelves or tacked up on a wall to create an “ivy-like” look. Here are a few pictures of my pothos.

2. Ric Rac Cactus

The ric-rac cactus is a new addition to my collection of hanging plants, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. Before I finally bought a ric rac cactus online, it had been on my list of things I wanted for a long time.

It is also getting bigger quickly. I can’t wait to take some cuttings of them and give them to my friends and family who love plants.

3. Hoya Carnosa Plants

Hoya carnosa plants, which are sometimes called wax plants, have been popular houseplants for a long time. The thick, waxy leaves and vines grow up and down, making the plant look full and beautiful.

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Awesome Hanging Plants

There are other kinds, but jade carnosa, carnosa krimson queen, and carnosa krimson princess are the most common ones.

4. Hoya Rope Plants

Hoya rope plants are actually a type of Hoya carnosa called Hoya carnosa compacta, which is a subspecies. But I think they are cool enough to be talked about on their own here. The hoya rope plant has thicker stems than the other hoya carnosas, which have long, thin stems.

The most noticeable change, though, is in the leaves. The twisted and curled leaves of the hoya rope plant make it look like a beautiful rope. They can be hung up against other things because they are long and heavy.

Before a friend found an old rope plant in Texas and gave it to me, I had never seen one. It is just stunning. I now have three rope plants, which are still one of my favourite kinds of hoya.

5. String of Pearls Trailing Succulent Plants

String of pearls is a succulent with beautiful leaves that look like pearl-shaped peas and hang down from tiny stalks. Beautiful pearls can grow on a healthy plant for many years. One of mine is near a bright window. This plant is also easy to grow more of.

Awesome Hanging Plants

6. Burro’s Tail Succulent Plants

Burro’s tail is another beautiful succulent that hangs down. The big leaves hang from thick, juicy stems, but be careful; the leaves are fragile. It’s a small plant that hangs from the ceiling. It requires a lot of light, so place it near a window.

It’s easy to make, just like the string of pearls, from leaves.

And because the leaves are so delicate, it’s a great idea to plant the ones that fall off.

7. Rhipsalis Trailing Cactus Plants

My husband gave me my first rhipsalis plant, a rhipsalis campos-portoana, for Mother’s Day. There are different kinds of rhipsalis. All of them have long, branching stems that look nice in hanging pots.

Most likely, this plant will be called “mistletoe cactus” at your local nursery, but that name usually only refers to one type of rhipsalis cactus. There are many beautiful versions.

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8. Heart-leaf Philodendron

People sometimes think that heart-leaf philodendron plants are pothos plants. Even though the leaves look the same and are the same size and shape, and the plants grow in the same direction and often have the same patterns, they are two different plants.

Awesome Hanging Plants

They are, however, both easy to take care of and have the same needs for maintenance. One of my favourite kinds of this plant is the Philodendron Brazil, which has beautiful bright green and yellow stripes. The leaves are also very shiny and look very nice.

9. Philodendron Micans

Another popular type of heart-leaf trailing philodendron is called Micans. Micans is like other heart-leaf philodendrons, but its leaves have a beautiful velvety green look.

The backs of the leaves look kind of purple. This type of heart-leaf philodendron seems to like more moisture than other types.

10. Spider Plants

Another popular indoor plant is the spider plant. The long, curly leaves of these plants look great in hanging baskets, but the stalks and babies are what really make them stand out. Spider plants have long stems that end in young spider plants.

This makes a beautiful waterfall of plants. Look at the spider plant my mom has. It has a lot of spider plants that are ready to be cut off, rooted, and spread. You could, however, leave them on the plants and let them fall.

Awesome Hanging Plants

11. Wandering Tradescantia Zebrina Plants

Wandering guy plants have beautiful purple, green, and silver stripes that can vary in how bright they are. Sometimes the green and silver marks are easy to see, and sometimes the plant looks more purple. It’s beautiful, no matter what! Find out everything you need to know right now about how to take care of wandering Tradescantia zebrina plants.

12. Tradescantia Nanouk Plants

Tradescantia nanouk is a newer species (its scientific name is Tradescantia zebrina).The plant is about the same size and shape as other types of wandering jew, but it is not purple like most of them. Instead, there are more shades of hot pink, pale pink, and pale green.

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This plant is harder to find than most of the others on this list, but I was lucky enough to find a small one at a nearby nursery. People want the plant so much that they can’t buy as many as they want. That makes me happy because it shows that other people won’t be able to take all of them.

13. String of Hearts Trailing Plant

String of hearts is another trendy plant that has become popular in the past few years. It is small and fragile, but its thin stems can grow to be several feet long. I keep mine on a shelf because it’s still pretty young.

The stems can get really long and make really cool tubular flowers. The string of hearts also comes in a beautiful version with different colours.

Awesome Hanging Plants

14. Curly Orchid Cactus Hanging Plants

My curly orchid cactus looks great in the leather pot holder I made for it. I love how easy this plant is to take care of. All it needs is a little water every now and then, but its long, curly stems grow like weeds. This plant is also related to the beautiful night-blooming cereus plant, which grows in a trailing way.

15. Staghorn Fern

I have to say that I’m not a fan of ferns. Ferns and I just do not get along. But I like to look at them from afar, and when I see staghorn ferns, I always give them a second look. They have a unique look and are often found hanging from walls instead of ceilings.

Awesome Hanging Plants

16. Lipstick Plants

The last thing on the list is lipstick plants. There are a few different kinds of lipstick plants that you can find at your local nursery. My favourite is the curly or rasta lipstick plant. This one in my living room is so pretty!

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